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Galaxy range of options

Customise your mug to suit your business needs.


Galaxy Color

The steel mugs can be dyed in any Pantone colour with a glossy, matt, metallic or soft touch finish.

Dyeing possible from as many as 12 pieces.


Digital 360

Innovative digital printing technology all round, in a full range of colours. You will achieve a photographic print quality, thanks to the advanced marking technology.

The print can reach up to 11 cm in height.


Digital 360 3D

Feel the difference between an ordinary Digital 360 print and the 3D printing technology. The exceptional effect will emphasise the advertising message of your brand and give you a unique feeling when using the mug. The marking method reaches up to 11 cm in height and is available from as little as 12 pieces.

Go beyond the limits of your imagination

Galaxy Engraver

The laser engraving can be carried out on both metal and plastic elements. One interesting solution for the brand is the possibility of carrying out the engraving on the leather strap of the Moon vacuum flask. By choosing the Galaxy engraving you will obtain a subtle, monochromatic decoration effect. This technique may be used effectively to personalise your product.