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Galaxy collection

Explore the world with a mug of warm drink in your hands.
Discover the infinite possibilities of reliable thermal products from the Galaxy collection and make one of them your companion for special missions.

Enhance the character of your brand

The possibilities are unlimited.
You can use any pontone colour in the finish of your choice and decorate it with a print in full colur on the entire surface of your mug.
In order to enhance the brand effect, match the packaging to the mug design.

Temperature maintenance

The double-walled design of the body made of stainless steel in the vacuum Insulation technology, ensures temperature maintenance and protects the hands of the user from excessive heat.
The Galaxy vacuum flasks maintain the temperature of over 20 °C for up to 15 hours.

Time Temperature
0 H
≈ 90 °C
0,5 H
≈ 83 °C
1 H
≈ 80 °C
2 H
≈ 75 °C
5 H
≈ 65 °C
8 H
≈ 56 °C
10 H
≈ 50 °C
13 H
≈ 44 °C
15 H
≈ 35 °C
20 H
≈ 23 °C

*measurements at room temperature

Ice placed in a vacuum flask and a mug melts completely after about 5 hours.


Specially designed closures allow the drink to move freely and guarantee safety of use.
Silicone rubbers fitted under the lid, effectively block the possibility of any liquid leaks.
Sealing elements placed at the mouthpiece are easy to remove, which allows for the easy cleaning and maintenance of the mug’s hygiene.


The mug’s lid provided with the “Keep Open” system, maintains the lid in a stable position.
The fitted locking mechanism inhibits the gravitational movement of the closure, preventing impacts when the drink is consumed.
Easy-to-use closures prevent the vacuum flasks from being opened and liquids from spilling out.
The Galaxy mugs are provided with two closure locking systems: ”one-click” and manual locker.


Specially developed dyeing and printing technologies are durable and resistant to abrasions. Owing to this you gain confidence that the marketing message of your brand accompanies the user regardless of the way the mug is used.
The Galaxy line has been designed based on the generally prevailing standards, among other things, the body diameter matches car holders.